December 12, 2011

Holiday Season = Clutch Season

During the holidays, it seems that there is a holiday event every night and a cocktail party every weekend.  The best way to be prepared for every party throughout the season is to be armed with your favorite festive clutch and fill it with the ultimate night-out necessities.  I've put together a list of the top 5 items every woman needs in her bag before she ventures out for a night on the town.  They're each small enough to fit in most clutches and will keep you going from the first toast of champagne to the late night kiss under the mistletoe.

1. Your best lipgloss, in hopes of kissing a handsome fellow under the mistletoe

2. Moisturizer to protect your hands from the cold winter air and keep them soft for shaking hands with new friends

4. Breath mints, because as good as eggnog tastes, it does no favors for our breath
5. Bandaids to rescue your feet from blisters from those cute new shoes you are breaking in for the party

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